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Selling dice

dddice merchants are a trusted network of users who can earn money by selling or collaborating on custom 3D digital dice.

Merchants can be a single dddice user or a group of dddice users who are granted the ability to manage and sell digital dice products.

Browse the articles below to learn how to apply to become a dddice merchant and how to use our powerful set of product tools to sell your digital dice sets.

Who can become a dddice merchant?

We welcome people from all creative industries to apply and sell 3D digital dice! We are especially excited to hear from the following:

  • Physical dice makers
  • Digital artists
  • TTRPG publishers and designers
  • Streamers
  • VTubers
  • Content creators
  • Talent agencies

I'm not an artist but interested in selling dice

We're eager to help! Get in touch and we will connect you with a trusted digital artist who can make your custom dice. Our contracts grant you all rights to your custom-made dice to sell or modify as you like.