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Buying dice

Getting started

To purchase dice from our marketplace, you first need to register a dddice account. If you don't already have one, clicking any "Buy Now" link will walk you through the process. After registration, you can enter a username, upload an avatar, and subscribe to our email list.

You cannot enter payment details here. Our payments are handled by Stripe and will be collected by them later on in the process.

Finding a dice set to buy

Once your account is created, find a dice set that you want to buy. You can find them on our marketplace page or in our premium dice collection.

Learn more before you buy

Clicking on any of the cards on these pages will bring you to a product description page where you can read more about the dice set. You can give them a test roll with the "Test Roll" button to see the dice in action!

If you are looking at a bundle, there will be a list of all the dice sets that are included in the bundle and you can investigate and test roll each one.

Buying a dice set

Once you have found a set you want to buy, you can click the "Buy now" button on the product's page or in the premium dice listing. Both will bring you to the purchase page. The payment processor Stripe handles our payments. An embedded checkout form will appear next to the dice product you are purchasing. Fill out this information, and it will be sent to Stripe for processing. After the payment succeeds, the dice set will show up in your Digital Dice Box.

View past orders

To view past orders, navigate to your account page and click on the "Orders" link in the left-hand column. This will redirect you to Stripe's customer portal. Once there, you can see all the orders you have made.

Customer support

If there are any issues with your orders, you can reach us via email at You can also reach us on our Discord server.