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Getting Started

dddice allows you to integrate 3D digital dice into your own custom integrations, applications, websites, and/or virtual tabletops (VTT).

How to use this site

Within this documentation you will find information on how to integrate dddice into your own application.


We have a number of examples of very basic dddice integrations in our examples GitHub repo. There are examples of setting up web apps using React, Next.js and plain old HTML + JavaScript. Additionally, there are example integrates with and google sheets


The dddice JavaScript SDK allows you to render and roll 3D dice within your application.

It is written using TypeScript and available as an npm package or via our CDN.


The dddice API allows you to create and update rolls, rooms, themes, and more.

Dev Blog

Read our blog for articles on the underlying technology as well as developer guides. The blog includes guest posts by 3rd party developers who have used our SDK and API to integrate with the service.