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Creating Themes

dddice gives you an insane amount of flexibility when it comes to creating dice that other players will love. Under-the-hood, dddice is powered by Three.js for 3D rendering and uses Cannon.js for 3D physics. Both of these technologies open up a vast world of possibilities for customization.


Knowledge of 3D rendering concepts is not required for creating your own custom dice; there are some very basic concepts that will be helpful to know, but don't fret, we explain them below.

Create your own dice

There are two methods to creating your own dice, using our dice editor, or calling the dddice themes API directly. The editor is very powerful and most of the dice in our community dice listing have been made from it. However, the API is required for the most advanced effects.

Remix the dice of others

If a dice creator has enabled remixing, you can click the "remix" button to be taken to the editor pre-populated with that dice theme, ready for you to customize!

The remix button can be found in your digital dice box or on a themes’s dice page.