Interface ITheme

Dice Theme



extend: string

If a theme extends another theme, this will be the ID of that theme

frag_shader: string

Custom fragment shader (GLSL Code)

vert_shader: string

Custom vertex shader (GLSL Code)

options: Record<string, unknown>

Uniforms for shaders

api_version: string | number

API Version for compatability This will almost always be 1.0 or 1

author?: string

Theme author name

name?: string

Theme name

description?: string

Theme description

label?: { color?: string; background_color?: string }

Label style properties

Type declaration

  • Optional color?: string
  • Optional background_color?: string
preview: { [previewType: string]: string }

Preview Image URIs

Type declaration

  • [previewType: string]: string
user?: IUser

Theme author

created_at: string


updated_at: string


version: string

Theme Version Allows author to utilize semvar

id: string
meshes: DieDefinition<string>

3D Model URIs (FBX Files)

available_dice: any[]

Dice available in this theme. This will determine what die are rendered as available in the set.

uniforms: { [uniform: string]: IUniform }

Type declaration

  • [uniform: string]: IUniform
sizes: DieDefinition<number>

Relative sizes of dice. This allows us to shrink/grow certain die in a set (like a gigantic d20) All die default to "1"

physics?: { inertia?: DieDefinition<number>; weight?: DieDefinition<number> }

Type declaration

sounds?: ISound[]
values: { d4: number[]; d6: number[]; d8: number[]; d10: number[]; d10x: number[]; d12: number[]; d20: number[] }

Dice Values. Used to support custom values such as letters, emojis, graphics, and more.

Type declaration

  • d4: number[]
  • d6: number[]
  • d8: number[]
  • d10: number[]
  • d10x: number[]
  • d12: number[]
  • d20: number[]

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