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The dddice team has created a standard set of themes that are automatically added to everyoen's digital dice box. User generated themes, weather made from the editor, or via or API can be added to your dice box as well

Digital Dice Box

You can find your digital dice box by navigating to your account page either from the top right corer of the scree, or from the cog menu. Once there select "Digital Dice Box" to see all the themes you have created in the "My Custom Dice" section. Below in the "Owned Dice" section you will see the dice themes you have collected either from our dice discovery page or from share links your friends have sent you.

If you have created a dice theme you can share it with your friends with a share link. Navigate to your Digital Dice Box and you will see "Share" buttons above the dice you have created. Click on the button directly above the dice you wish to share. This will generate a share link and copy it to your clipboard. Paste this to any friends you want to share the dice with.

Dice Discovery

If you want to brows the catalog of all dice created by users, you can use the Dice Discovery pages. From the home page click the "Dice Discovery" link at the top of the page. This will take you to a page showing the newest, most rolled, most popular themes.

Clicking on any of these will take you to a page with more details about the dice theme. Once there you can give them a test roll, add them to your digital dice box, or remix them.

On the Dice Discovery page you can also filter the dice by which system they support, and then page though the results.