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TaleSpire Symbiote

dddice's TaleSpire Symbiote is a plug in that allows you to access your dddice room from within TaleSpire. All without needed to switch windows, alt-tab, or have multiple screens open.

Roll in your dddice room, just like you do from, plus the roll results will show up in your TaleSpire chat log

Connect with TaleSpire

Setting Up

  1. Install TaleSpire from Steam
  2. Open TaleSpire
  3. Join a Campaign
  4. Click "Settings"
  5. Click "Modding"
  6. Toggle "Enable Symbiotes" to true
  7. Click on the symbiotes panel on the very far right of the screen
  8. Click "Open Community Mod Browser"
  9. Find dddice
  10. Click on it
  11. dddice will show up in your symbiotes panel
  12. click on it
  13. ROLL