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Streaming Mode

Streaming Mode Example of Streaming Mode in action. Image credit to Botched Roles on Twitch.

dddice's Streaming Mode allows streamers to display 3D dice on top of their stream using OBS Studio. Watch it in action!

When you first open Streaming Mode, you will be greeted by a plain white page - fear not! This is exactly what you should see.

In less than 5-minutes, you'll turn this bare page into a 3D overlay for your stream.

Setting Up

  1. Ensure OBS Studio or Twitch Studio is installed on your system.
  2. Click "Add Source" and choose "Browser" as the source Add Browser Source
  3. Name your browser source and click "OK" Name Browser Source
  4. Paste the URL to your room (don't forget "/stream" at the end) Configure Browser Source
  5. Position your stream anywhere, ensure the Browser source is the top most layer Position Browser Source
  6. That's it! Roll using your regular dddice room and watch as 3D dice appear on stream without any background