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Roll20 Integration

dddice's Browser Extension allows players and GMs to bring their custom 3D dice with them to Roll20.

Once properly connected any rolls made inside Roll20 will roll using our custom 3D dice. You can also see rolls made from outside Roll20 such as from other integrations or from your dice room over your maps and character sheets!

Connect with Roll 20

Setting Up

  1. Install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store, the Edge Add-ons Store, or the Firefox Add-ons Store
  2. Navigate to Roll20
  3. Click on the extension menu in the navigation bar of your browser
  4. Click dddice browser extension
  5. Click "Create Room" or paste a room link into the "join room" box
  6. Wait for your dddice data to load into the extension
  7. Select the dice theme you want to roll
  8. ROLL


Keep the "3D Dice Rolls" setting turned off

Roll Using

  • /roll commands
  • using the freeform roll tool on the left-hand toolbar
  • clicking on rollable items in your character sheet

Roll equation compatibility

While dddice is awesome, we don't yet support all the many roll modes and operators that Roll20 supports. Below is a list of the roll operators you can use that will properly sync across the dddice platform.

operator notation example
add + 1d20+5
subtract - 1d6-1
multiply * 1d6*2
divide / 1d20/3
round up ceil() ceil(1d6/3)
round down floor() floor(1d6/3)
round nearest round() round(1d6/3)
drop highest dh 6d6dh3
drop lowest d,dl 2d20dl1
keep highest k,kh {1d6,1d8,1d12}hk2
keep lowest kl 2d20kl1