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Owlbear Rodeo 2.0 Extension

dddice's Owlbear Rodeo Extension allows players and GMs to embed the normal dddice room interface into the Owlbear Rodeo extension pop over menu. All the features you have come to expect from your dice room can now float atop your favorite maps. When you roll the dice they will overtop the full screen.

Set up the module

As always once you are connected to a room all rolls in that room will be visable everywhere. You can see the rolls made from our rooms or browser extension.

Setting Up

  1. Copy the installation link or find it in the Owlbear Rodeo Extensions Showcase
  2. Navigate to your Owlbear Rodeo profile page
  3. Scroll down to "Extensions"
  4. Click the "+" button
  5. Paste the installation link when asked
  6. Edit your room to enable the dddice extension or enable it when you create a new room
  7. Open your Owlbear Rodeo Room
  8. Click the dddice logo in the extensions toolbar in the upper left corner
  9. You may be asked to select a room, or you may be dropped right in
  10. ROLL

How To Roll

The interface of the Owlbear Rodeo extension is identical to that of the dice rooms on Read more about them