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Foundry VTT Module

dddice's Foundry VTT Module allows players and GMs to bring their custom 3D dice with them to their Foundry VTT games It also allows sending your rolls from Foundry VTT into your room, streaming mode or the services connected with our Browser Extension!

Set up the module

Setting Up

  1. Install from the module library inside Foundry VTT or download it from: Foundry VTT, Foundry Hub or The Forge
  2. Launch your world
  3. Log in as GM or Assistant GM
  4. Select "Game Settings" > "Manage Modules"
  5. Enable dddice module and click "Save Module Settings"
  6. Select "YES" when asked to reload the world
  7. dddice will load and will tell you when it's ready
  8. ROLL

Roll Using

  • /roll commands
  • Macros from your character sheet
  • Other modules that create compatible chat messages with dice rolls attached

Using along with Dice So Nice

If you already use Dice So Nice but also want to make use of our streaming tools or sync capabilities these two modules can work together. Have the GM enable both modules at the same time, but in the dddice settings turn render mode to "Off". This will allow the rolls inside foundry to continue to be animated by Dice So Nice while dddice handles the synchronization with streaming mode, rolls made via or rolls made via the Browser Extension

Roll equation compatibility

While dddice is awesome, we don't yet support all the many roll modes and operators that Foundry VTT supports. Below is a list of the roll operators you can use that will properly sync across the dddice platform.

operator notation example
add + 1d20+5
subtract - 1d6-1
multiply * 1d6*2
divide / 1d20/3
round up ceil() ceil(1d6/3)
round down floor() floor(1d6/3)
round nearest round() round(1d6/3)
drop highest dh 6d6dh3
drop lowest d,dl 2d20dl1
keep highest k,kh {1d6,1d8,1d12}hk2
keep lowest kl 2d20kl1