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Tabyltop is a virtual tabletop with an amazing feature set. One of which is having dddice deeply integrated into it's experience.

Tabyltop is still in alpha, so doesn't yet support the full dddice experience. To enable dddice, use the cog menu in the upper right corner of the screen, and select "Campaign Settings". Then user the "Dice Settings" drop down to select dddice.

Tablytop is also deeply integrated with our Browser Extension. When using both together Tablytop will ensure both it, and the browser extension are connected to the same dddice room and that changing your dice in Tabyltop's interface also changes your dice in the extension.

Setting Up

  1. Go to
  2. Open up your campaign
  3. Click on the cog menu in the upper right corner
  4. Select "Campaign Settings" from the menu
  5. Navigate to "Dice Settings" in the modal that pops-up and select "dddice"
  6. ROLL

Roll Using

  • Buttons on your character sheet


  • Tablytop doesn't yet give one access to their digital dice box. You can only select from a preset themes based on your chosen player color.