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Pathbuilder 2e

dddice's Browser Extension adds 3D dice functionality to Pathbuilder 2e allowing all connected players to see your chosen 3D dice.

Roll from the buttons provided on your character sheet.

Connect with Pathbuilder 2e

Setting Up

  1. Install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store, the Edge Add-ons Store, or the Firefox Add-ons Store
  2. Navigate to your character sheet Pathbuilder 2e
  3. Click on the extension menu in the navigation bar of your browser
  4. Click dddice browser extension
  5. Click "Create Room" or paste a room link into the "join room" box
  6. Wait for your dddice data to load into the extension
  7. Select the dice theme you want to roll
  8. ROLL

Roll Using

  • Any roll button on your character sheet
  • Roll buttons in spell descriptions
  • Roll buttons on the dice flyout