Used to call the dddice API

interface IDiceRoll {
    type: string;
    theme?: string;
    label?: string;
    uuid?: string;
    is_hidden?: boolean;
    is_dropped?: boolean;
    is_cleared?: boolean;
    meta?: object;
    value?: number;
    value_to_display?: string | number | IRollValueImage;


type: string

Die type to roll

theme?: string

Theme slug to roll

label?: string

A human-readable label for this die in the roll to distinguish it from others. Ex slashing vs fire damage

uuid?: string

If updating the dice roll, UUID is required

is_hidden?: boolean

If this is a hidden roll

is_dropped?: boolean

If the dice is dropped (not calculated in the final value)

is_cleared?: boolean

If the dice is cleared from the table (not seen by other players)

meta?: object

Optional data that is not critical to the functionality of a die roll but could be useful to store for display or informational purposes

value?: number

Optional value to set for a die roll. Useful if using an external RNG.

value_to_display?: string | number | IRollValueImage

Optional value to show to the user when the dice is rolled. Useful when rolling a d10x where value would range from 1-10 and value to display range from 0 to 90

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