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Elgato Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck Plugin is designed to allow you to send rolls from your Stream Deck into your dddice room. Rolls made from your Stream Deck will show up anywhere else you are connected to that room, be it from our Foundry VTT module, D&D Beyond or Roll20 via our Browser Plugin or our streaming tools


You can install this plugin from directly inside your Stream Deck software by clicking on the <image> and searching for dddice under plugins or from the Elgato Maketplace page

You can also install it by downloading the latest build from our GitHub Repo and double-clicking on the .streamDeckPlugin file


Once the plugin is installed, there will be a category of buttons labeled "dddice". We have the following buttons: quick roll macro, pick up your dice, clear table, clear roll history, and change room background.

Adding your API Key

Once you add a button you will be asked for your API Key. You can generate one by navigating to our Developer Tools page and clicking on "Create API Key" at the bottom. This will copy the API Key to your clipboard. Paste this into the space for it in the Stream Deck software and click the ✔ button.

Wait for your profile to load, it will take a second or two.

Quick roll macro

A macro button has 4 fields a "Name" that shows up on the button, a roll equation (ex 1d20+2), a room to roll it in, and a dice theme, which is the color / look of the dice you want to roll.

If your profile was properly loaded, the dropdowns for "Room" and "Theme" should have options for you to select from.

Roll equation format

Our roll equations are a subset of the formats you might be familiar with from Roll20 or Foundry VTT and others. We support the standard XdY format. If you are using a dice theme that has non-standard notations (ex dF, dHunger) those can be used as well. 4dF and 1 Hunger + 3 Nomrmal are both valid dice equations for the right dice sets.

Our dice equations support the following roll operators:

round upceil()ceil(1d6/3)
round downfloor()floor(1d6/3)
round nearestround()round(1d6/3)
drop highestdh6d6dh3
drop lowestd,dl2d20dl1
keep highestk,kh{1d6,1d8,1d12}hk2
keep lowestkl2d20kl1

Pick up your dice button

Use a button from your stream deck to pick up all the dice you have rolled

Clear table button (GM only)

A GM can use this button to clear all the dice off the table, regardless of who rolled them

Clear roll history (GM only)

A GM can use this button to delete all the roll result messages from the roll log

Change room background (GM only)

Bind images to buttons. When you press the button, the background of your room will be switched to the image on the button.