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Every new user starts with the same starting dice theme. User created themes, whether made from the editor or via or API can also be added to your digital dice box. New themes can be found on our Discover Dice page. Once a theme is purchased, added, or a share is accepted, it is added to your Digital Dice Box.

Digital Dice Box

You can browse dice in your digital dice box by navigating to Account > Digital Dice Box.

Share Custom Dice

If you have created a dice theme you can share it with your friends using a share link. Navigate to your Digital Dice Box and note the "Share" button above the dice you have created. Tap on the Share button directly above the dice you wish to share. This will generate a share link and copy it to your clipboard.

Share this link with any friends you want to share the dice with.


You can only share dice that you have created yourself or remixed from a community theme.

Community Themes

Our creative community has created thousands of dice themes. Each with unique colors and images. These sets can be found in our community dice listing. Many of them are available to add to your dice box.


Patreon supporters are able to mark their creations as “not available”. You can see these dice in the listing but are unable to add them to your box nor remix them

Premium Themes

Digital artists, physical dice makers, and dice have teamed up to create premium dice themes for purchase. These dice can be purchased from the dddice marketplace.