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Known Issues

Below are a list of known issues that we are currently working on. Unless otherwise stated, there are no timelines or estimates.

Performance issues on laptops with two GPUs

Most laptops with two GPUs will try to use the less performant one when possible to reduce power consumption (even when plugged in). Browsers usually don't do 3D graphics, so the browser defaults to this low power, low performance mode. You will need to manually override this.

Recommendation: Add your browser to the "High Performance" list in your OSes settings

  • On Windows go to Settings > Display > Graphics
  • Add Chrome (or your relevant browser) to the list manually
  • Set it to "High Performance"

If you are still experiencing issues, see System Requirements > WebGL

Rolling a large amount of dice (e.g. >50) will sometimes cause severe lag for a few seconds

Recommendation: Keep rolls within your system's limits

We hope to fix this in a future version. Rolling LOTS OF DICE sounds like a lot of fun!

Using Firefox on Linux with certain Nvidia drivers will result in a really slow experience

Recommendation: Use Chrome or another Chromium-based browser

There is no known solution, this is an issue with the installed drivers